Short Course

      1Thai conversation in daily life (24 hours) One Month Course level 1,2,3,4

             Learn Thai communicate with Thai people. Beable to have independence in Thailand.Make greetings,introduction, apology, question and answer: commands and requests, ordering food, talk about places and direction, social gatherings, enjoy shopping at the market.
             Learn Speaking and Listening skills that you will use in daily life.  before long you will be shopping at the market and ordering food like a local.  Each course includes 24 hours of instruction and last one month.  New courses start every month. 

·         - This conversation  course 24 hours (One month) is 2,500 Baht
·          Classes meet 2 hours per day, Three time a week 
            on Monday , Wednesday, Friday

           10.30-12.30 Am. or 13.00-15.00 Pm.
·         either in the morning or afternoon
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2. Basic Reading and Writing Thai level 1,2  

This series of courses will teach you to read and write starting with learning the alphabet.  Soon you will be reading Thai menus and signs.
  New courses start every month.

·         - This reading course 24 hours (One month )is 2,500 Bhat
·         Classes meet 2 hours per day,  three time a week 
    on Monday , Wednesday, Friday
10.30-12.30 AM. or 13.00-15.00 pm.
·         either in the morning or afternoon

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