EasystudyThai® method is a unique program that prepares students for the real world by using real-life scenarios, in the classroom as well as in course materials. We help students develop more accurate intonation, stress, and rhythm while building general Thai language skills and everyday vocabulary.   
The one year course focuses on introducing Thai Language and Culture to students. Students will study: conversation, listening, reading and writing throughout the program, through a series of carefully designed lectures, presentations and workshops. This course will cover many different aspects of Thai culture related to everyday life including: Buddhism, history, art, music and sports. 
Our Teachers use methods that students find are an easy way to learn and study Thai.
Conversation Course Teaching Methods:  These course are designed to improve the students speaking and listening skills.
  • Presentation: The teacher will present the lesson material to be taught and explain any new vocabulary
  • Pronunciation Practice:With each new word or sound that is learned the class as a group will repeat it to so as to learn the proper pronunciation.
  • Individual Speaking: The teacher will then ask each student a question or to make a sentence using what was just learned.  Sometimes this will include role playing.
This process will be repeated as the material is learned during the class.
We believe our methods are successful because:
  • Student Practices listening and speaking: They develop listening and speaking skills and give the students the opportunity to interact with the Thai language.
  • Class Interaction: We do not lecture the students because we feel it is important for the student to be a part of the class and to learn to speak the language in a live situation.
  • Real Life: We keep the class interaction realistic and relevant to daily life.
  • Positive Environment: Students are corrected using positive reinforcement to encourage them and give them more confidence at the same time being corrected for mistakes.
  • Easy and Fun: Easy Study Thai is about having fun learning because when you have fun it is easy to learn.
We look forward to showing you our teaching methods in action.  Please come visit our school and see for yourself.

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