Thursday, May 18, 2017

New Speaking Thai class start on Fri 2nd 2017

Good morning, Sawatdii k Chiang Rai community,
 I' m teacher Yai from Easy Study Thai.
 Under new management.
     We start monthly conversational Thai class on Fri 2nd June end 28th June 2017. 24 hours promo 2,500 Bht.
         This class for student who is beginner. Free textbook and mp3 .Study M, W, F at 16.00-18.00 pm. 

Max 6 students per class.
Bring your friends to join our fun class kha.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Thai language and culture ED visa class on JUNE 2017

Good morning Sawatdii k Chiang Rai community 

I' m teacher Yai from Easy Study Thai. 
Under new management.
We start monthly ED Visa Thai class on Thu 26th June 2017
Promo 19,950 Bht. for 6 months course 
and 37,500 Bht for one year course.
(Apply now before 25th June for promo price )
This class is beginner up to intermediate. 
Free textbook and mp3 .
Max 6 students per class. Come visit school to look the textbook and check your level. Bring your friends to speak Thai together kha.