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Thai tv series or Thai dramas by mthai

Thai tv series or Thai dramas have been getting known, and eventually getting popular among some of Asian countries.

After a long time a number of Asian fans were stunned by Hong Kong series, then there was some changed, the fans have been in love with Japanese series, later South Korean tv dramas have been influencing Asian and so many western fans, and of course Thai fans, who never stop their hearts of loving in getting to learn a new culture, Thai tv series (in Thai is Lakorn TV Thai) have been making its improvement in many aspects to win Thai fans’ hearts and finally to win Asian fans’ hearts.

Thai series mixed pic

Todays, Thai lakorns are considered one of successful types of foreign tv program in China (a large population) and getting more well-known worldwide because of demand of alternative tastes. Internet has also made the world closer. New tastes are what being welcome. Thai taste is also one of them.

Even Thai taste in Thai lakorn is getting higher demands from its fans, many who have watched (tasted) them (including so many Thai fans) have been requiring advancement in Thai lakorns.

Thai lakorns owns “Thai styles” presenting the ways Thai people live, not saying it is 100 %, but very similar and when they are in-depth scrutinized, Thai lakorns are telling something about Thai people and Thai culture.

MThai Inter has brought you some of what named it is a Thai-style tv series with some cultural explanations.

Thai-style leading role actor (Pra-Aek)

What are Thai pra-aeks like?

pra_aek 2

1. A pra-aek is always obviously wealthy.

luxury places for pra_aek

Explanation: That seems to be a highly recommended thing for being a pra-aek that he is somehow rich. Not only a Thai norm about being affluent is better, it is also an agreed-norm in most parts of the world that being rich is making easier living for everyone than a poor. The wealthy pra-aeks would be attracting some of people and some of situations leading to love, hate, murdering, crime and so on making the series more interesting and attracting more attention.

Thai lakorns (most of them) do not educate the audiences (Thai people) about what and how a person as a professional makes money. It seems vague about what their pra-aeks are doing for a living.

No worries, they are, somehow, rich. Look how rich they are and how come?

- Over 70 % of all Thai pra-aeks are from affluent families. One of the charms of a Pra-aek is from his money attracting both good and bad things/sorts of people to his life. The wealth-born man with comfortably living is what anyone wishes to have. Thai lakorns are making the dream come true.

James Air force
Khun Chai Ronnapee, a pilot of Thai Air Force in the series – Khun Chai Ronnapee
doctor james ji
Khun Chai Putthipat, a surgeon in the series – Khun Chai Putthipat

- A pra-aek owns an island or more, or a luxury fully furnished beach house or a luxury castle with a picturesque mountainous view and the place has always been looked after by a couple hired for only taking care of the house and join a few scenes butlering the family’s members visiting. Oh ! so V V VIP

- A pra-aek owns or holds a high rank in a company.

2. It is a must that pra-aeks is always the best-looking guy in the series.

Explanation: It is necessary for the fan clubs when the attractive guys they love are the series’ pra-aek. The best look one in the series is easily getting the audiences in a dream, at least a few hours / a day.

3. A pra-aek is always intelligent or smart or whatever in a kind.

Explanation: Intelligence, clever, smart, highly educated are always one of good requirements of a pra-aek. It is possible that a smart man is always needed in a story especially they are pra-aek, who needs to be able to handle any difficult and issue no one could ever do.

However, this is also found around international genres that many of people need heroes to protect them, to fix and lead them to do something.

Some of odds found about their intelligence.

- Even they are so smart and very well-educated, but a pra-aek doesn’t know the scams that the bad girls and bad guys in the series do. Ouch ! that is a nature of a Thai series. A pra-aek simply believes others and leaded to be the misunderstandings to the leading role girl (nang-aek).

- To prove how well-educated a pra-aek is, a pra-aek is always graduated from the US, the most popular country referred in a story. The UK or Canada, Australia, Japan and China, oh.. India are very less. Oh again, Thailand is also popular, when the series are not focusing the point of well-educated pra-aeks.

- No matter how wise he is, he always can’t recognize Nang-aek with different hairstyles, put the moustache on or wearing hat and doesn’t know that his nang-aek disguises as a man.

- A pra-aek is basically good at everything, for example, cooking, fighting with bullies or gangsters, or working as a management. No matter what he has been trained to be or raised, you know by his family, his childhood, his subject he educated, his office job, his business circling in a luxury place, an office, a hotel, things like that, but Thai pra-aeks can fight like a pro.

A Thai TV series, Sanayha Sanyakaen, Nakin is a rich business man without tough-life background, yet he can fight with 2 bad guys easily. Cr. Truelife

4. A pra-aek is always be surrounded by lots of girls or most of the girls seem to be falling in love with him.

Explanation: Yeah ! a pra-aek must be like a charming prince and a male idol who has his own fc to confirm how great he is.

5. A pra-aek is possibly easy to be influenced by his family.

Explanation: It is a Thai culture, while family influencing in the families members’ lives. Mothers are the biggest part of the influencing scenes in Thai lakorns. They can be the key leaders of drama (too emotional and unreasonable) found in the series.

Mothers always want their son (most of them are pra-aeks) to get married to a girl they like, most of them are not the leading role actress (Nang-aek) in the series dragging them to a conflict.

Guessing it happens almost everywhere to lots of families.

6. A pra-aek can do no wrong to his nang-aek.

Ouch ! that is very creepy for a girl when a man can do no wrong to you, when you are not a nang-aek of the series. Thai lakorns’ pra-aeks are most of the times doing something criminally whether force-kiss (ouch ! that is a sexual harassment), an arm or wrist grabbing, push a nang-aek (mostly to the bed, @#% sigh), kidnapping the nang-aek in order to revenge for whatever he has been pushed to do and even rape a girl ( :cry: – he is a criminal, not the one to beloved).

Watch some of force kiss scenes :(

Series called Jamleuyrak or Loving Hostage, no way I won’t love you for this, Harit. Athichat (Pra-aek) kidapped Thaksa-orn (Nang-aek) with his misunderstanding. Cr. Komchadleug
pra_aek 1
creepy hero

After the harsh things a pra-aek who is full of vengeance in his heart DID something bad to the girl (nang-aek), he is still, to the audience, a beloved one. :roll:

force ouch

7. No need to guess who is the series’ pra-aek. Thai lakorns do not give you only a hint, on the hand they give you an obvious clue with a grand-opening of the pra-aek.

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Eating Thai red pork.

What is Khao Moo Daeng (ข้าวหมูแดง)?
Just real briefly in case you aren’t familiar. Khao Moo Daeng is a widely available and popular Thai $1 dish. It starts with a scoop of rice and usually includes a few slices of red barbecued pork, some crispy pork belly, a few slices of Chinese sausage, half a boiled egg, and a few sprigs of cilantro and shoots of green onions.

Making Khao Moo Daeng To-Go

The sausage and the pork belly remained crispy and lightly caramelized on the outside. The hard boiled egg was lightly undercooked so it stayed moist and perfectly runny. The sauce, though quite sweet, was a surge of amazing concentrated pork flavor that made me want to drink it.

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You are watching Thai lakorn (drama). credit By

Thai Version is also available

The first part of this article, Yes ! you are watching Thai TV series (Thai lakorn) – Part I, was telling an important part of Thai TV Series, Pra-aek (Thai-style leading role actor, which also called by Thais as the hero of the story). This article, MThai is proud to present some information about the actress ones, Nang-aek or Thai-style leading role actress.

Shall we read it now?

1. Many of them are in trouble or poverty lives.
Most of Thai nang-aeks are often in trouble for some reasons. Their lives are very sad needing some help urgently.

tl.smmonline net

- Their family members are poor or one of them, especially, their father has done something wrong, then the affluence was ruined.
- Nang-aeks are rather poor, when their families are naturally under-educated or things like that. They have no good opportunities.

2. Thai TV series’ nang-aeks are having poor lives; hopeless, pathetic, in trouble and lonely in the whole wide world.

Credited to: Postjung
Her foot got cut by a shappen stone around there while she was trying to escape. Credited to: Postjung
crying ann thong
A really sad life for Ann, from Sawanbiang (By-pass to the Heaven)

Explanation: The poverty and in-trouble situations in a Thai lakorn are considered a good conflict (actually in the real world) that can be attracting more emotional attention.

3. Thai nang-aeks seem to be too much nice, sweetest lady, who most of the time lets bad things happen or gets in trouble by her own.

jeni loves kids
Taking care of a kid of her friend as if her own baby.

Without any caution or learnt lessons. She can be a biggest giver, attracting harsh things and persons to take advantage on.Many times, Thai nang-aeks do not seem to fight for her innocent/right or insist in what it is right.

Unfortunately, there are very less people know how much she is good. It seems to be very hard for other people to accept the good-heart girl, especially her pra-aek.
Meanwhile a nang-aek has a few good friends talking with her and trying to help her out of trouble. Some of them are persuading her to accept helps from pra-aek.


1.As a good-hearted girl, a nang-aek has almost never been presented in Thai lakorns as a good person gets good things for example when you are nice to people, you should create a network supporting you sometimes, on the other hand, Thai nang-aeks have a few friends and were isolated from a group since the different thoughts about the deviant Thai norm out of the good standard.

2. A very nice, polite, sweet and kind are main characteristics of most-wanted in a person, especially in Thailand. Thai people prefer these kinds of characteristics. Sweet, softly talk, kind and generous (a big giver), meanwhile Thai people dislike harsh and strait talks considering those are aggressive even it is true.

4. 99.00 % of all nang-aeks are very much pretty.

Credited to:
Credited to:
Even in the rain, she keeps her nice look very well.

A nang-aek is often described as a perfect-look girl, whether her pretty black-rounded eyes, nicely shaped high nose, great lips, healthy-red cheeks and fine bright skin, nice long black hair,  and fine body to rather skinny.

Although a nang-aek, even is from a very penurious situation caused by or to her family, her lonely life or else, which should have never got a healthy living i.e. good food, good sleep, but hard working and unrest, unhealthy nutrition, however, the nang-aek is always so pretty with 100 % look (in Thai is payh-ver) that her pra-aek easily crashes on her.

Explanation: Thai cultural environment has created a myth of being an angel to Thai women, especially in media which televising is mainly presenting it, while printing businesses have been influencing the television screen plays needing to present only fine looks to the audience than reality.

5. Many of Thai nang-aeks are not very clever.

Most of Thai lakorns’ nang-aeks are seen whether average-leveled IQ to rather silly. There are only some of Thai lakorns showing nang-aeks as intelligent women, mature girls or trouble-shooters. Many times a nang-aek seems to be very unreasonable dumb to clumsy.

Explanation: I sometimes got frustrated watching Thai lakorns presenting a bad situation caused by a wrong reaction, a wrong decision making or even an improper behavior of the series’ nang-aek.

As mentioned before, a Thai nang-aek always needs help especially from her pra-aek who is very clever. The myth of mostly-wanted female characters created by the show business that a wanted woman must be a bit silly decreasing level of perfection in a nang-aek (that they are so incredibly pretty), yet needing some help from a man that is the pra-aek. That’s not fair.

Only some times, Thai nang-aeks are presented their highly impressive IQ, but their feminine characters are less while replaced by half-masculine characters, or tomboy.

Credited to:
Credited to:

Most of Thai women are talented and many of them are happy with their “own pra-aeks” who are not very clever the same as seen on TV. Many times heard of Thais saying to a Thai woman that it would be better if you pretend to be less clever or rather dumb to attract a man otherwise, you will die alone. T_T Thailand. 

Perhaps the Thai women you know are pretending a dumb !!!

Some of nang-aeks are clever and seem to be better than the series’ pra-aek in some aspects. The nang-aek acts not very sweet and acts like a tom-boy with some fighting skills. This kind of nang-aek eventually changes at the end because of love.

6. Many of Thai nang-aeks are not healthy.

Explanation: Some of Thai nang-aeks seen on Thai lakorns seem to be rather weak. Read here to see how they have been said so.

- Many times, Thai nang-aeks easily get faint. Thai nang-aeks are considered one of unhealthy, since they just, most of the times, get faint, especially when they are talking or discussing about an important things, especially with pra-aeks.

- Many times, Thai nang-aeks fall down upstairs since their knees or feet do not work properly like they need to get fixed urgently.