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Online Thai lesson
Our professionally trained and experienced teachers will personally work with you to improve your Thai skills.
At Easy Study Thai we can fit your busy schedule and you can study and practice your Thai from the comfort of your home or office.
For a Free Trial Lesson and Interview .

Why take a Free Trail Lesson & Interview?

You can learn more about our online Thai speaking courses by taking a free trial lesson & interview.  One of our highly qualified online Thai teachers will spend 30 minutes discussing your Thai needs and determining your current English level followed by a trial lesson to show you how we teach.  You can try us before you decide to book a class.  Learn about some of the things commonly involved with our interviews and trial lessons.
  • Student Interview and Discussion: The teacher will ask you questions about your Thai language goals and current Thai level.  We want to know what your reasons for learning Thai are and what goals you may have.  Common reasons include daily living in Thailand, having a Thai spouse and family, business or career, traveling in Thailand or personal enrichment.  The more we know about your interest and personality the better we can create the best learning plan for you.
  • Evaluate Students English Level: The teacher will ask their questions in an organized manner that gives us a good idea about where your English level is.  We look at pronunciation, vocabulary, listening skills, grammar, speaking skills, reading ability and confidence.  This information is part of your process for creating a good learning plan for the student.
  • Demonstration of Methods: We use a wide variety of methods for teaching and will demonstrate the ones we believe will work best for you.  Everyone has different ways of learning and we work to find the best methods for you.  The best situation is to use a few different methods that utilize different learning processes.  We encourage our students to be part of the process of determining what learning methods and styles work best for them.  You can learn more about the different methods that we use by reading???
  • Teacher interview: This is the students opportunity to ask the teacher questions.  You may have questions about the teacher themselves, about Easy Study Thai, about the way we teach students or you may just want to discuss the best way to achieve your Thai language goals.  Please feel comfortable with asking whatever questions you want to.  We want you to be comfortable with deciding to learn Thai with one of our professional online Thai teachers and taking an online Thai class with us.

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